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Jan 12, 2020 · The original news article all about the EcoHome DIY gray water recycling system is here. How the Hydaloop gray water recycling system works. The Hydraloop graywater treatment system uses a patented water cleaning and disinfection technology. Ordinary systems use filters or membranes to treat the water, which clog and need regular maintenance.

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Access to greywater can be lost when pipes enter a concrete slab foundation. If your house is on a concrete foundation you still have some greywater options. Use the greywater from your washing machine, as you can access it with out needing to alter the plumbing. Use greywater from sinks. It is often possible to […]

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The branched drain system was also invented by Art Ludwig. Greywater in this system flows through standard (1 1/2″ size) drainage pipe, by gravity, always sloping downward at 2% slope, or 1/4 inch drop for every foot traveled horizontally, and the water is divided up into smaller and smaller quantities using a plumbing fitting that splits the flow.

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Economic Implications and Environmental Analysis of Residential and Commercial Building Greywater Recycling Systems For rapidly increasing per capita water consumption in an emerging economy like India, Grey Water Recycling (GWR) systems appear to become in future a mandatory and inevitable component in residential and commercial facilities.


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Such systems recover valuable “waste” products–greywater, household compost, and humanure–and reconnect their human inhabitants to ecological cycles. By modeling “appropriate technologies” for food production, water, and sanitation in the industrialized world, we hope to replace the cultural misconception of “wastewater” with ...


Aug 14, 2018 · Less pressure on septic treatment systems: Because greywater makes up the bulk of a household’s wastewater, diverting greywater from the household septic system extends the system’s life and capacity. From pipes to plants: how does a greywater system work? So the benefits of recycling greywater are many.

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This research investigated three alternatives in recycling grey water from washbasin for reusing in toilet flushing system. Grey water were collected from all washbasins from 2nd floor to 9th ...

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When installing a greywater treatment system you need to consider if the project requires extra plumbing, for example, if your pipes are in a structural concrete casing. Extra plumbing may also be needed if the pipes of your bathroom and laundry are spread over different areas of the house.

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Legal graywater systems are more expensive than traditional onsite wastewater treatment systems, and require considerably more maintenance than a traditional system. In summary, do not use untreated graywater, which is an illegal practice in Nebraska. Doing so puts the environment and human health at risk.