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Then, the hot liquid asphalt, or glue, is applied to the mixture to aid in tying all the ingredients together. The pavement material must be kept pliable for proper installation, so asphalt facilities must be located near paving sites. There are two basic types of plants used to manufacture asphalt:

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Asphalt Plant is working continuously at their services for the construct. This plant work efficiently to reduce them and efforts during the peak hours of work.

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Pleasants Paving Gets You Where You Need To Go. Our highways, roads, interstates and thoroughfares are synonymous with progress. Everyday, millions of commuters travel these asphalt arteries to arrive at work, school, the grocery store, doctor’s appointments and family functions.

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Original asphalt batch plants have been replaced with state-of-the-art tower plants, capable of producing over 300 tons of asphalt per hour. Whether customers need small amounts of asphalt to patch a parking lot, or need to depend on our high production facilities for thousands of tons per day, rest assured, Panhandle Grading and Paving, Inc ...

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Roubin and Janeiro is a family business established in 1959. It was originally a manufacturing facility with its own contracting crews and fleet of trucks. Since it’s inception, Roubin & Janeiro has changed locations and done away with it’s paving crews to focus it’s efforts strictly of the manufacturing of quality asphalt. Customer Testimonial “As […]

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These plants can produce up to 600 tons of asphalt per hour and offer up to six silos to meet storage needs. Our constant investment in new technology provides a quality asphalt mix and limited load times at the plant to satisfy any commercial, municipal or state project.

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we are one of the indenters in pakistan dealing in heavy equipment for construiction and plants of general use like re-rolling \\mills , textile machinery and engines and power plants etc. LOADERS, EXCAVATORS, ENGINES, POWER P LANTS, DOZZERS, ASPHALT PLANT


Variety is prevalent throughout the Ammann paver lineup. With a complete range of asphalt pavers Ammann offers the right machine for all needs when it comes to asphalt paving. Mini and compact pavers prove manoeuvrable and productive, even in the tightest spaces.

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Asphalt Pavers Asphalt pavers are a necessary tool for the State Department of Transportation and various construction companies across the United States. The equipment lays asphalt over roadways, highways, bridges, airports, and parking lots. It works to lay the asphalt flat with some compression before being compacted by a roller.

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Asphalt Our highly-automated batch and drum-drier asphalt plants deliver consistent quality mixes to meet even the most technically complex customer requirements. Our computer-controlled mixing operations ensure the proper combination of all material components.