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Oxidation Bitumen Process – The conditions in the reactor A raising of the temperature in the reactor increases the diffusion coefficient and thus also the conversion coefficient. A suitable temperature in the invention is 180-240 ° C, but 150-300 ° C is a possible working range.

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The most common Refining Process is straight reduction from crude or a crude blend, using atmospheric and vacuum distillation. In the diagram, atmospheric distillation used to separate lighter petrochemical and fuel fractions from the non-boiling component at the bottom, known as an atmospheric residue. The lighter fractions, such as Gas oil and Fuel oils are fed to other refinery units. The atmospheric residue is retained for bitumen. To remove the last traces of the lighter fractions and avoid

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With 50 Biturox ® Bitumen plants licensed (references) the Pörner Group is worldwide the market leader in bitumen oxidation technology. The Pörner Group designs and realises bitumen plants turn-key including all infrastructures out of one hand: production units of high availability, fully automatically to operate and designed to last long.

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Dec 18, 2018 · Bitumen Air Blowing Process Pilot Test Plant. The physical properties of asphalts (bitumen) may further be modified by ‘air blowing’. This is an oxidation process which involves the blowing of air through the asphalts, either on a batch or a continuous basis, with the short residue at a temperature of 240°C to 320°C.

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Bitumen By. When it comes to bitumen oxidation the Biturox The Group is the leading independent engineering company for process plant engineering in Central Europe with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. 500+ engineers and specialists, 9 locations in 5 countries, 50+. Get Price.

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The process of emulsification is accomplished by use of an emulsifier and a stabilizer. A colloid mill is generally used for the preparation of an emulsion. Types Of Bitumen Emulsion: Anionic:In which bitumen particles are negatively charged & Cationic:in which the bitumen particles are positively charged. Brief Process Description: 80/100 ...

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The primitive oxidation unit is single reactor type, now it is developed to single tower type or multi-tower sequent continuous oxidation process. Feedstock is heated up to 260-280 celsius degree, compressed air is injected and violently mixed with asphalt to make oxidation reaction, The oxidized asphalt produced will be sent to product tanks. And then molded, packaged as final products.

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Oxidized bitumen production plant. The utility model relates to a device for integrated production of oxidized bitumen and viscosity-reduced residual oil, which comprises an oxidizing reaction tower, a cooling fractionating tower, a water cooler, an oil-water separating tank, a water-sealed tank, a dirty oil tank, a centrifugal pump, valves and pipelines.