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The RAP is dried and heated by the hot gases coming from the virgin aggregates drum. The use of hot gases avoids both the contact between the flame of the burner and the recycled material and the direct radiation of the flame on the RAP, limiting in this way the picks of temperature during the heating process of the recycled material.

Marini Asphalt batch mix plant at Ringus road project in India

Marini Asphalt batch mix plant at Ringus road project in India Marini MAC: Tough, Productive & Profitable Known for its loyalty, faithfulness and fearlessness the Chetak, (a Marwari breed of horse) is the historical pride of Marwar and has an unmatched inspirational saga.

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Marini RoadBatch Asphalt Mix Plant is the world's swiftest batch type asphalt plant. It is thoroughly equipped to produce high quality hot mixes suited to any modem-day construction requirement. Toll Free: 1800 419 3356

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The new generation of MARINI batch plants is designed to combine the traditional features of performance and technology with new high levels of fatigue resistance plus easy use and maintenance, while maintaining all the essential simplicity.

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May 24, 2019 · Marini has developed an innovative solution for asphalt production, able to use up to 100% RAP in the mix - Mike Woof writes. Italian firm 273 Marini has long been one of the leaders in the field of asphalt plant design and development, competing against other key companies in the segment based in the US, Switzerland and Germany.

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MARINI has been known for its technological development in the asphalt plant mixing industry and for products that perform and deliver results. It’s commitment to global customers is one reason that it has an un paralleled footprint across the globe. MARINI India is a 100% held subsidiary of Marini Italy.

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MARINI INDIA, first established in Ahmedabad in 2015, is the leader in production of asphalt plants in the south-eastern Asian region. 60.000 square meters production floor, a warehouse for on-demand after sales services, a dedicated team of experts are at hand to serve you.

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The MARINI MAC’s compact features are highly evident in the innovative layout of the asphalt plant. The self standing asphalt mixing plant, is one of the most energy efficient and environment friendly plants to be installed recently in Gujarat. The RAP enabled features on the plant will allow DCPL to mix recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) along ...

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MARINI asphalt plant sale advertisement from Romania. Asphalt mixing plant. Asphalt batching plant. Price: $828,700. Year of manufacture: 2010

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The sale of these four asphalt plants is the confirmation that Marini is at present the Number One brand in Australia. What makes Marini stand out from its competitors is mainly the innovative design they have come up with for the Xpress 2500 plant together with the efficiency and performance of the Top Tower range .